Old School Grub

Scratch made comfort foods from our childhood just like mom and dad used to make them!

Based in Apache Junction, Arizona

Frank and Carlotta Perla have a passion to bring a quality, old school burgers and other comfort foods from the 70’s and 80’s to the community.  The menu is full of childhood favorites including crinkle fries, sloppy joes and more!


Frank and Carlotta Perla

Frank’s culinary passion started at a young age in the kitchen with his grandfather who was originally from Chua wawa, Mexico.  Growing up in La Puenta, California, his grandfather taught him to cook the old school way – fitting as “Old School” later became Frank’s nickname!

Since the menu varies, our favorite way to order is to find the best looking burger on the menu!  Fresh made patties, fresh produce and custom bread with crinkle fries on the side just can’t be beat!

Street Menu: Vegetarian
Catering: Vegetarian

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