World’s Best Corndogs

Savory + sweet batter and a delicious combination of dipping sauces makes these the world’s best corndogs!

Based in Phoenix, Arizona

The best corndogs the world has ever tasted!  They keep the menu simple but they have mastered the corndog so no need for a huge menu!  They also have cheese sticks, cheddar brat and will bring out the breakfast sausage corndog occassionally, too!

Joshua Filani


Joshua and his wife love to cook and have always wanted to be in the food scene!  Bringing back a nostalgic childhood food to the streets of Arizona is where they ended up and couldn’t love it more!

The corndog – of course!  We make sure to always get the footlong because the halfsie is just as good but never enough!  Cover it in your favorite dipping sauce and it will melt in your mouth!

Street Menu: None
Catering: Vegetarian

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World’s Best Corndogs
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