Want your truck listed on Arizona Food Truck Catering so you connect with a new audience for your Food Truck?  This is the place!

So how does it work?
Your Food Truck is featured on it’s own page (see sample here) for customers to browse through and hire for upcoming events and catering.  (Don’t forget that with hundreds of people looking at your page each month, many will find you at events or call you directly to book you even without you knowing they found you here!)

What kind of leads should I expect?
Pre-paid catering gigs are the most common lead we see go through – especially weddings and private parties.  School events are frequently seen as well as, with promoters for very large events also being common.

You will receive leads specifically for you as well as leads sent to all food trucks on the site.  (The subject line of the email will help you tell the difference.)  The beautiful part of this website is that it truly helps your customer choose a specific truck to hire.  While we don’t contact the leads coming through, we do monitor them to constantly improve the site.  Almost everyone that sends a lead to a food truck only contacts one truck.  That means the customer has already decided to hire you and all you have to do is call them to get the details!  Your booking rate on leads through this site sent specifically to you should be almost all of them.

What makes this different from other lead sources?
The creation of Arizona Food Truck Catering came from a desire to give Food Truck owners another option to build their customer base.  Unless a small business establishes relationships that make the phone ring and feed the business, there’s no way out of “hustle mode”.  (and that’s exhausting!)  Most available lead sources are set up for you to build relationships for the company placing you instead of your own business.  The middle man gets the valuable part of the equation (a relationship with someone who will book a food truck again) and the Food Truck gets the short term reward (part of the cash from the service).  This website was created to truly support entrepreneurs who are looking for a hand up in building a business and the relationships to support it as well as established businesses looking to network.  Can you ever really have “enough” great business relationships?

What does it cost?
There is a page design fee of $150, which covers photo editing, content creation and page design.  At this time, there are no further fees of any kind.  No commission or monthly fees.  Leads go directly to your email inbox and you manage them internally.  If you don’t respond to them, nobody will.

What does this do for my business?  
Lead Generator: Connects you to a larger audience to get catering gigs and build new long term relationships.
Lead Converter: Gives you a place to send customers to see your menu, pictures and contact you when you are busy at events.
Brand Recognition: Food Truck fans will browse through trucks and be more inclined to try your truck when they see you out.
Online Presence: Make sure your food truck shows up in search engine results by being part of a larger website with great SEO.  Food Truck pages that are not even listed on the search page of the site are getting leads because customers find them directly in search results!  Plus, you can purchase your own domain name ( and direct it to your page!  (Ask Julia how if you need help.)  No need to pay for a full website, monthly maintenance and SEO.
More Profit: Admit it…the amount of commission you paid out last year hurt your bottom line.  Minimize it!  Big public events with a commission or fee are great and important for your business but finding your own commission free leads that come with a long term relationship is just as important.  Manage your own leads and cut the middle man out – which means more profit!

Step 1:

Pay the one-time page design fee. 

The fee to create your page is $150, which includes photo editing, content creation and page design.

All leads will go directly to your email and there is no commission, monthly fees or any kind of middle man.

(Bonus: You can right click on your photos on the page once it is created to download the edited version for social media and marketing use.  You will be amazed at how much difference it makes in making your food look yummy!)

Step 2:

Tell us about you and your food truck.

Click here to complete the form.

Step 3:

Send me your logo, menu, and pictures.

Here’s what I need:

– Logo file
– Street Menu
– Picture of the full food truck (with windows closed and nothing around it)
– Picture of the owners
– 5+ food pictures (send as many great ones as you have!)
– Any catering pictures
– Any other great pictures of employees, services, food…anything. Sell me on your truck :)

Email the files to or follow this link to send large files or many at once. 

Need help? Contact Julia!

Julia Martinez:   (480) 729-3214  (call or text)